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Postby DOT » Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:49 pm

Upon a request from Ricks Mini league, I've just set up a mini-league where the idea is to stick in JUST 2 TEAMS.

Your best & your best team potentially, was the general idea.
Or what you perceive to be your best two teams potentially.

I've stuck in my 2nd & 3rd best teams as they are Chelsea heavy and they still have 7 games in this window.
Both my teams also have the emergency transfer still available.

I need a few more people in my mini league to make it valid for the super league prizes.

As per Ricks leagues :-

If we get at least 10 and make the top 100 then I will split the chairman's prize 70% - 30 % between the teams which come 2nd & 3rd in our league (with the winner retaining his prize of course).

Closing date is this Friday 5pm

PIN number if anyone wishes to join is - 8316776


Obviously if you don't wanna join or it doesn't make at least 10 managers, i couldn't give a flying fook.

FWIW, I'm only in 3 mini's.
this one, Richard Kellards & Binkys where I just stuck another 20 odd teams in. ... w/8316776#

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Postby Muppet » Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:48 pm

I can certainly supply 2 teams Dot but tbh I dont fancy any to be successful but will enter a couple to make the numbers up if needed, PM me if you're short on numbers tomorrow.

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